Boer Goats For Sale

Northern Lights Sale

We will have four breeding does for sale at the Northern Lights Sale October 7th at 10:00 in Pipestone MN. Also on DV Auction.



Check back with us later... Big Birtha / FD flush kids due in December.

Does in the Northern Lights Sale

K2R Hot Bertie

This is a powerhouse doe that will be sure to bring your breeding program to the next level. She is out of our Norm Kohl doe Big Birtha and Capriole's Hot Wired.

K2R Hot Sharkie

This power packed doe is built with a square frame, and has a lot of bone from the foot up. She is out of another one of our Norm Kohl does and Love'nm Shark Attack.

K2R Birtha's BFD

Info for Birtha's BFD.